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Coast Business Online is ONLY a tool for Google.  With our “secret ingredient” when we make you LIVE you look as busy as us!

Every business has EXCLUSIVITY, meaning your business name, area and telephone numbers come up on Google, attracting the LOCAL market through familiarity.

We create a tailored web page for you, which is an easy-to-read version of your website, or, if you don’t have one, this is ideal as you get seen professionally with us.  

Remember, your website is only as good as it’s being seen on Google! We give you hundreds of combinations of search phrases giving you page 1 Google exposure within 48 hours GUARANTEED.   

REMEMBER, WE ARE NOT AN SEO COMPANY, ADWORDS OR DIRECTORY. Be part of a growing UK success , where 80% of business comes to us via recommendation from Coast customers.

Designed so that smaller businesses have the chance to expand at the rate of larger companies but without the huge price tag! 

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